1966 DeTomaso Mangusta

I have no idea what that lady on the statue is doing.

I admit, I’ve never known about this car until now. I’m sure I’ve seen it before, but I’ve never actually known about it.

So, 1966 Giugiaro design with a name translating from Italian into ‘Mongoose’ and sounds to me like the Spanish ‘Me Gusta’ which of course is the modern meme meaning and translating to ‘I like it’ in English. And it’s well deserved. I do like it. It’s like the cross continental love child between Italian Lamborghini Miura and the American Ford GT – several years before they each came out. I wonder if there was some liberal ‘inspiration’ in the respective companies’ drafting rooms.

There’s an interesting seam on the crease where the rear quarter panels meet and it seems to be consistant between all the cars. I’m curious as to why that’s there if purposeful or, if a mistake, why they kept doing it in all the cars. It was a production car, but in very limited runs; apparently it didn’t handle very well in the real world of driving.

Either way. It’s gorgeous.

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