Save Modernism

A bit lengthy, but so important.

This is sad on so many levels. I mean, there’s the obvious humanitarian efforts to get schools for children and everything, but that can be replaced by some ugly brick monstrosity just like all the others have. The real crime here is tearing down not only a building, but an obvious icon of design perfection. The second image, above, reminds me of what good schooling is – of what a good work environment is. It’s perhaps a side point, but I think the compartmentalization in modern school architecture is wrong. I think having small windows and ever present kilometers of fluorescent tubes is wrong. We see photos of the Apple, Facebook and Google campuses and they’re designed well because that’s what helps employees be the best they can. Why on earth wouldn’t we do that for school environments? But, I suppose, America can’t even bother to pay teachers, so perhaps I’m asking too much.

Moral of the story? Education is being neglected on virtually every level. Also? The architecture is infinitely better than any replacement would be (read: freakin’ perfect) and I will be incredibly mad if they tear it down.

I don’t often ask to spread things, but I feel this is worthy to be passed on.

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