Favorite Photo

Q: Which of your photos is your absolute favorite?

A: A tricky one, for sure. I think this photo is the one that taught me the most about life, and for that reason I’ll always appreciate it and hold it special.

The story: I was driving home from hanging out with some friends and this gorgeous sunset happened just after a storm. The whole thing is at an angle because I literally took this photo while driving and while in the middle of the intersection because that’s the only place that there weren’t buildings. I used to have my camera everywhere and it sat beside me, so other than scrambling for the zipper, it was always close at hand.

By the time I had gotten home to take a better version, it was already gone. This temporary image burned in my mind, even more spectacular than this mere frame would suggest.

The lesson I took away, and ultimately what started my getting out of photography is that everything is temporary and you can decide to try and take the picture or simply enjoy the moment for real.

So I certainly wouldn’t call it my best shot, but it might just be my favorite.

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