Light Wing Trainers, the Tyvek Shoe

I should just rename this from Acrylo Blog to Tyvek Blog – Your Source for Buying Tyvek Versions of Everything.

Look, shoes!

Which, I’m sad to say, I can’t endorse. They look lovely, yes, but let’s remember what happened to the lovely, brightly coloured wallet – unwashably dirty. Tyvek is a fibrous material and inevitably, things will get trapped in it’s texture. I love the stuff, it’s a fantastic way to construct things, but that’s how dirty something got from my sheltered pockets; imagine what it’ll look like after even a day on the street.

They also make a wallet for $11:

…which, I’d probably pay the extra $9 and buy another Slimfold. The snap seems awkward and annoying for no added benefit.

They’re made by Unbelievable Testing Laboratory and you can find the main Kickstarter here. I was searching for a good pun about these kicks being started by Kickstarter, but fortunately you’re safe for now; I’ve got nothing.

Prices for the shoes start at $50 which would be reasonable… for anything that we could assume would last longer than a few months. Again, the wallet barely made it a half year – shoes are far more abused. They might survive the folding and bending and stepping tests, but that’s not introducing all of the that real life incurs. The mud and the guts and the glory.

So. I don’t mean to be down on them. On the contrary I applaud the innovation and the execution. Time will tell the rest, and I wish them luck.


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