New Project


Forgelock Fire

So, news time. Acrylo was retired last year some time and there’s been this aching hole in my heart to continue something in the same vein but under a different banner. I’ve incorperated with good friend and fellow mechanical designer Alex Forrest to make Forgelock, a builder and creator DIY, how-to and otherwise open source look at making things. From cars to computers, prop making, small scale manufacturing, the little repairs and fixes we love to do all the time and just have never documented properly – this is the place. We already make cool things, and we want you to come share that with us

Now, visually the blog might be similar enough for now but the grand overarching plan is more of a multimedia thing that Acrylo never did: Youtube channels, Twitch live streaming of builds, maybe a Tested style podcast.

So, rest assured that there’s cool stuff coming, or, since this’ll likely be on the front page of Acrylo for the foreseeable future: there’s a party already happening over on Go enjoy!


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