22/365 :: Abstract

Everyone likes gloss, right?

A rendering test.

Polygon Mountain

I made these quite by accident, I won’t lie.

Working on an entirely different project and one of my tests renders was that first image there, which I just liked for some reason. So, I made a few more.

It’s funny how things can be so serendipitous.

??/365 :: Letkeman & Sons Clothiers

The 365 project ball has been majorly dropped here, I’ve been ramping up hard into homework mode lately. It’s all good, but it sort of pushes out personal projects which is a shame.

But! I’ll still spend what little time I can and keep everything running more or less smoothly.

In related news, I’m accepting applicants for co-authors. Think you want a piece of this glamour? Let me know.

19/365 :: Eames

18/365 :: WIP Schematics

Update with the ongoing Toothbrush Disassembly Project for school. Sadly, I don’t have enough time to do homework and personal projects, but, what can we do? It’s enjoyable either way. Nice to have goals and checkpoints.

More than anything, I’m quite proud that I got each frame down to 1.86 seconds at 1280 x 720 HD, which makes for a really nice rendering workflow since it’ll be a longer video. There isn’t any actual raytracing, but you don’t notice since the HDRi map (tutorial 1 & 2) gives all the form definition. The few shadows the bristles would drop onto the brush head are tiny and insignificant, not worth the double render times.

The background is node based, since I think it’s actually faster than rendering an image to space background. The schematic part is just a jpg and mixed as an image under the render using the render’s alpha.

I’m pleased for now, but the animation is the hard part, and I still have to model the insides which are strewn all over my desk in front of me. Still deciding about the text / pins, but that’ll come as things evolve.

17/365 :: More Car Doodles

Hot Wheels promised me that in the future all our cars would have clear plastic wheels in crazy colours.

This is even more sketchy than yesterday‘s – much less filled in and even rougher polygons. It is supposed to be the sharper alternative to yesterday’s more organic lines, but there’s angular styling and then there’s low-poly. This definitely falls into the latter. And I’m not sure how I feel about the gaping ‘mouth’ of that exhaust on the back. Ah well. Live and learn.  Again, just playing, this is not representative of well-thought out design by any means.

Those wheels look like candy…


16/356 :: Some Random Car Doodles

It’s highly impractical, I’ll be the first to say. The posture would ruin your spine and the tiny misshapen windows would make almost everything a blind spot.

Also, I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to have open wheel wells like they are. Other than that, it’s a fun, quick little go kart of a car with a wide stance and very little body. It’s a sort of Lotus / Lambo front with an decidedly Nissan 370z slope to the whole thing.

The front gets kind of smushed together since it doesn’t have the space over the wheels (which you’ll notice I recycled from older car projects). I think the Atom has it right, just go with something completely different instead of trying to make it look decent and normal.

Meh. It’s good to doodle even if it’s not real design. Practice practice practice!

15/365 :: Sky

14/365 :: Toothbrush

WIP for a school project.

The model isn’t quite 100% yet, I still have to flesh out some details at the bottom and on the back. The UV texture, likewise, is just a placeholder until later on. I am, however, pretty proud of those bristles. I love it when things turn out exactly as you want them to be.

As much it is homework and it’s a pretty unimaginative model, it’s still exciting to have a real project to work on; one with focus and definable goals. With personal projects it’s far to easy to have no direction and output meaningless rubbish / forget about the project altogether when something else comes along.

So that’s the update, I’m sure you’ll see more as it goes along. For those who aren’t already following me on Twitter, here’s a photo of the real item – the Batman decals are coming!

13/365 :: The Bow

That’s one of two photos I took while wandering downtown yesterday. The building is Calgary’s own Bow (still under construction). It was an absolutely perfect day and I just sat and enjoyed a mango smoothie in the sun, which is something I don’t allow myself to do very often. That’s the reason there weren’t many posts today (since I’m usually writing a day or two ahead). Selfish of me? You bet.

For most of my growing up years I’ve had a passion for photography and while I definitely loved it and learned to truly observe things (an ever valuable skill) I think it sort of ruined things for me in a way. I was always so preoccupied trying to take that perfect shot of a situation that I often missed enjoying that situation.

So, I’m very much the opposite now. I’ll carry my camera and I’ll enjoy photography, but I’m learning to enjoy life from my own lens.

Anyway, that’s 13/365. Oh! Fun Brennan fact of the day: I turned 13 on Friday the 13th.

…and 13 sort of looks like a B when tightly kerned? That’s a stretch.

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