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(Click on the photo to see the animation – not sure why it doesn’t play in line)

I had a bit of time to kill while driving around, so I took some photos and assembled them.

That’s my baby: a Mini Cooper R53, with new Sparco Pistas wrapped in Kumho Ecsta 4X put on just the other week.

The Eagleman Stag

So. Good.

To dissect it further would be to distract you from it itself, so I’ll leave for the moment. Watch.


In Gaming news: Portal 2 DLC and Reset

As we know, Portal 2 is awesome. It’s been a little over a year since it’s release and next week Valve is laying down the community driven map system with editor and I have to say, the UI looks slick. I was worried – there’s a lot of complexity in a test chamber and 3D editor interfaces are generally sort of terrible at intuition. My fears have been quelled, replaced by sheer excitement for the release. May 8th. Ask Siri to mark your calendars.

In other gaming news, a trailer that caught my attention:

A trailer of enigma no doubt. But gah! That’s in game footage. They wrote the graphics engine because they didn’t like any of the existing ones. It’s first person puzzle single player co-op (whatever that is). The teaser art (also in game footage) looks like this. You can find that trailer song here. They’re writing a blog and making notes about all of the development. This is the sentence structure of Brennan Letkeman swooning. Consider me a fan of this indie studio and all that they’ve done so far. Even if the game release itself is utter rubbish, that trailer is something to be proud of.

So good, you guys. So good.


Psychic Land – 2veinte

It’s like Yum Yum London discovered Glo Fi. Woah.

In related inquiries, is there a genre for that soundtrack? I have a bit of it, but it’s been called generically “chiptune” which is both somewhat fitting and somewhat entirely wrong. I wonder if there isn’t something more specific.


Ruin – Oddball Animation

Simply perfect.

I would watch a feature length film of this.

The Chase

From the mind of Philippe Gamer, who has the perfect last name for a VFX and game development company guy.

It’s like a mix between Need for Speed and Trackmania which, now that I think about it, would be a pretty awesome game. They are so radically different, and so entirely solid on their own, but I think there would be a cool dynamic to try and stay on the crazy tracks while being bullied by the police.

Anyway. The video itself is well done and entertaining. There really isn’t much more to say. The developer really likes Japanese cars, I guess. Subtle advertisement, maybe? I’m not sure. The punchline is spot on.

Well done.


More Vaudevillain

He’s animatable but I’m still hammering out a style.

I really like the bright, happy vintage 60’s-80’s Bond villain style:

And the Team Fortress style plays off of it nicely, often using it exactly in interior environments, but takes a bit heavier approach to things overall. I’m not sure what I want!

The idea as it stands, though, is to make a silent film with direct ties to a good song (that I have yet to decide on) where the stereotypical good guys are blowing up our protagonist villain’s bases and he’s sad. So, shots of things blowing up, the map’s little lights turning to red as bases are lost. His head in his hands, shaking as he ejects in his secret escape pods from places as they’re being destroyed. Maybe some bank papers exclaiming his debt, and subsequent depression. I just want to feel bad for this guy, with the government agents running amok blowing up his visions of empire, crushing his dreams with the rubble.

The Happiest Villain

Further workings on the Vaudevillain… franchise? Possibly an short story animation in the style of Gravity Bone which I recently played through again. Still brilliant.

BST :: Portal Cake

It’s my good friend and colleague’s birthday, so this tutorial is both for him and for him and the rest of you can learn from it too.

The texture can be found here. It isn’t by any means good, but it’ll work. Ideally, you’d have a layer of nuts, a layer for icing and so on set at different tile sizes, so they never loop as obviously as using just one image.

I should have made a texture for the background core spheres but I’m sure you can figure it out.

Tutorial for Blender 2.6 based on the ending of the first Portal game, which, I’ll say on more time: you need to play.

Happy cakeday!

Blender Supernoob Tutorial :: Request Modern Kitchen

Had a request from one of the readers to briefly walkover how I would approach modelling a kitchen from a photo I posted.

Certainly not a full build, but I think it gives a good start and goes over the basic approach leaving room for you to work with and finish things.

The main thing with modelling is learning to recognize the geometry in the image (or what you’re imagining in your head) and break it down into the basic shapes. Like sketching, most things are made just by adding in basic geometry (cubes, spheres etc.) and then combining and modifying them to build the detail.

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