Kyoto Gardens – VEGA

It snowed this morning but the sun is out and melting things with reckless abandon. Enjoy!

Also, notice how excellent that logo is? It’s excellent.

Actually, I should make a post about the Acrylo logo’s dimensions – they aren’t nearly as haphazard as you might think. Basically, it’s a pyramid that’s exactly twice as tall (in 3D space, not flat) as it’s base is square and viewed at the 45′ corner with isometric (digital, not architectural) projection. In the end, these dimensions happen to make the golden ratio if you compare the final, flat width to the final flat height. So, it’s actually pretty neat.

??/365 :: Letkeman & Sons Clothiers

The 365 project ball has been majorly dropped here, I’ve been ramping up hard into homework mode lately. It’s all good, but it sort of pushes out personal projects which is a shame.

But! I’ll still spend what little time I can and keep everything running more or less smoothly.

In related news, I’m accepting applicants for co-authors. Think you want a piece of this glamour? Let me know.

Branding 10 000 Lakes – Nicole Meyer

I try not to repost things from big blogs for two reasons: first, I feel lazy about it and second, I feel like the readers should get something unique from me. Actually, and third? I hate when my news feed is all the same thing from every different source, so I try to minimize that in yours.

With that said, these are indeed fresh from The Fox is Black and they are indeed incredible.

Nicole Meyer has taken on quite a task: individually branding 10 000 unique lakes.

As you can see, she’s doing a fine job so far.

My only critique is that her silly horizontally scrolling website doesn’t have the mouse scroll wheel remapped and further has a twitchy scroll bar when moving it because it dynamically loads when moving into new content.

Which is to say, ugly.

Other than that the content is all superb!


Scrapbook 23


The middle one is concept art from the short animated film Slimtime:

Scrapbook 19

And… more red, it seems.

My inspirations folder on this PC is much more limited, I’m afraid.

Mostly via Designworklife

Scrapbook 18

A collection of red things.

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