Scrapbook 18

A collection of red things.

Scrapbook 17

Not quite the full blown orange of last time, I guess we’ll work our way through the hue slider with installment 17: yellow-orange.

Scrapbook 16

Today seems awfully orange. Maybe a scrapbook for all the colours would be cool?

Bonus image! The shoes I’ve been looking for forever.

Scrapbook 15

I was looking through my archives for an old file that a friend asked about and came across these in my renders folder from a few years back. They’re all mine, but I don’t think I released any of them previously – they’re mostly failed experiments and tests when I was learning Blender.

Not failed, perhaps, just never completed.

Scrapbook 14

A scrapbook of more illustrative stylings today.

As always, I’ll try to source them as much as I have the records for (found in the mouse over text) but unfortunately some are before I kept track. If you know, please let me know so I can correct it.

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